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Experince of Sex Workers and Prostitution in Las Vegas


The information in this article may be disturbing and shocking for many people who are unfamiliar with this type of crime. It deals with the brutal sexual abuse of a child by a member of the working class. We live in a society where the working class is looked down upon, but in many cases, it is the poor working-class people who perpetrate these crimes against other working-class citizens. It is said that we cannot find a common ground of course on this topic of sex crimes in our nation. Still, I think we must stand united on this issue, and I believe we can do that by starting with understanding some of the effects of sex crimes in one of our industrial cities like Las Vegas.

First, let’s look at some of the main characteristics of sex crimes in one of our once-great industrial cities such as Las Vegas. We have one of the most rickety urban environments in the United States of America. There is no doubt that crime is up all around the world, and this is just another example of why we need to rethink how we are policing our country. We have problems with youth violence, and we have problems with the police. We have a lot of questions about the over-policing of Las Vegas and its lack of regard for human life in general.

I’ve been investigating sex worker labor in Nevada since the late seventies. My goal has always been to expose the horrifying condition of sex slavery in America. I’ve written many articles on this subject, and this particular book is the last of a trilogy that exposes the crimes, mistreatment, and lives of the world’s most vulnerable women and girls of all ages. “Asian Whores and American Whores: The Complexity of Sex Work in Las Vegas and Beyond” is the third book of this series. This book provides shocking facts about the lives of Asian sex workers in and around the Las Vegas area. I was extremely moved while reading the book and I hope readers will be similarly moved.

Every day in Las Vegas, sex workers are brutalized and killed by pimps and Johns. Some victims are beaten to death. Some are suffocated to death. Some are so severely beaten and killed, that they are left as skeletal remains in concrete cement in city dumpsters. All of these are examples of the systematic abuse and exploitation of sex workers that take place daily in Nevada.

What is most disturbing about these situations is that the women and girls who are trafficked are forced into prostitution against their will. They may be threatened with arrest or deportation if they do not work. When young women are coerced into sex slavery, they are subject to physical, mental, and verbal abuse. Most are physically abused, which includes breaking and bruising from being tied to a bed and beaten so severely that they cannot walk. Some are forced to be urinated on and subjected to public defecation.

I urge all people who know of the real situation in Nevada to contact the Polaris Project to find out more information. The Polaris Project is an international organization that educates people and organizations about sex workers’ rights. It is also a database of sex worker-related information. By looking up a sex worker’s name, you can learn many important facts about the lives of sex workers in the state of Nevada and how they are exploited and abused.

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