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Man Beat to Death for Sacrilege Attempt at Sikh Golden Temple in India


A man was killed last week after attempting to commit sacrilege at the Sikh Golden Temple in India. The assailant attempted to destroy a sacred Sikh book by throwing it into a pool near the Golden Temple. He was beaten to death by the Sangat, which was enraged by his action. A police team found his body outside the Teja Singh Samundari Hall and took it to the Civil Hospital for a postmortem. The police are now trying to identify the victim based on eyewitnesses and SGPC employees. Sikh temple chief Parkash Singh Badal described the death as “deeply shocking and extremely painful”.

The incident occurred in Amritsar, the capital of Punjab state. The Sikh religion is extremely revered, and the Golden Temple is one of the most revered Sikh shrines in the world. The man had attempted to slash a Sikh guru by grabbing his sword, which was kept near the Guru Granth Sahib. People inside the temple rushed to stop the man, and police are now reviewing CCTV footage to determine what exactly happened.

The video of the incident went viral on social media. A small crowd of angry Sikhs surrounded the temple, forcing police to take the man to the hospital. Doctors pronounced the man dead. The top police officer in the Jalandhar region said that the police were overwhelmed by the mob. The Sikh community has also protested the lack of action by the authorities.

The attack on the Sikh Golden Temple in India has prompted anger among the Sikh community and has triggered a political saga in the state. Charanjit Singh Channi, the chief minister of Punjab, has been accused of not doing enough to protect the holy Sikh temples. The opposition Akali Dal party leader, Balwinder Bhunder, has since condemned the blasphemy attempt and called for a thorough investigation of the perpetrator.

The attack on the Golden Temple has caused shock and anger across the Sikh community. In Amritsar, the police apprehended off-camera after the man attempted to jump over the railing. In addition to the victims, the Sikhs have condemned the attempt to commit sacrilege at the Sikh Golden Temple and the Sikh community in general.

After being arrested, the alleged murderer was taken to the SGPC headquarters for questioning. While police arrived at the scene, the SGPC placed his body outside its headquarters. The death has raised serious concerns, especially in the state of Punjab, where desecration of the Sikh Golden Temple is considered a grave matter. This is the first case involving a Sikh priest in the country’s history.

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